DIY Wall Hanging Plants

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The real reason I was able to do this DIY was because my husband, Devin, helped me--he's the one who found the planters, who saw that they were magnetic, who helped me mount them, and who encouraged/heckled me while planting them ("this is for the blog, right? hashtag vertical gardens, hashtag garden up, hashtag urban farming").

This whole project came from a date to Home Depot, when, after looking for electrical supplies, he suggested we look at plants (hi, it's me here, the one with a new favorite hobby, as seen in this succulent post and other posts on Instagram). It was sweet, us walking through aisles of potted plants and coming up with this project!

Because the $2.50 pots from Home Depot were magnetic, we had to use magnets to mount the plants on our fence piece wall decor (a.k.a. our stocking hanger) which might be more difficult if you're attaching planters just to your wall, and not a magnetic surface like your fridge or another magnetic surface. That's why I've linked up some other easy-to-install wall planters that you can screw right into your wall!

What we used:
  1. 2 magnets
  2. super glue 
  3. 2 magnetic hanging planters (which I now can't find online to link to! Sorry! Check Home Depot's garden section to see if they still have them)
  4. 2 low-light plants, like heart-leaf philodendron 
  5. scissors, to trim the roots

What we did:
  1. Devin drilled space for the magnets to be inserted...
  2. ...And then he used a fancy spray super glue thing to secure the inset magnets. 
  3. I trimmed the roots of the philodendron so they'd fit in the planters...
  4. ...And then squeezed them into the little planters! Surprisingly they're still alive ;) 
  5. Then, I watered them so the plants wouldn't go into "shock" at being transplanted. 

Other wall-hanging planters (if you don't want to go the magnetic route!):

What are your favorite ways to decorate with plants?

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