Currently // March 2018

Hellooooo, March! If only we could have sunny, warm days instead of last-minute snow storms, that would be pretty cool. And by cool I mean it would require less shoveling and bundling up. It's literally snowing right now, everything is closed, and we're supposed to get a foot of snow. (Whyyyyy, Lord, whyyyy). 

I LOVE slowing down and documenting what my days have been filled with recently, so here I go (and I'm linking up with Anne & Sarah). 

I've been currently...

Family vacations, friendcations, all the things. There's a chance me and the kids will tag along with my family's trip to NH so Devin can do serious structural work on our house, but I also want to try and do something as a family of four. Suggestions for east coast trips we could take with 2 little kids?

Animals at the Philadelphia Zoo, back when we had a stretch of warm days in February! That's what the snapshot at the top is from. I'm also "seeing" (watching) Life in Pieces, world's best sitcom. Season 1 is on Netflix and you HAVE to watch it! (I'm also seeing how crappy The Bachelor can end. Feel free to rant/discuss with me. I've got so many thoughts.)

This curry butternut squash recipe, but I need recipe suggestions because we are stuck in a total dinner rut. Keep your paleo, gluten-free, cardboard-flavored recipes to yourself though because I'm not about that life. 😉 

That eventually I'll be able to stuff myself into a bathing suit. I just ordered this one from Cupshe (because a friend got a cute suit from there and loved it), because I have no intention of bringing two kids to the store while I try on bathing suits. Fingers crossed that it fits!

Sweaters and brown ankle boots (like this pair). Might as well try and look at the bright side of all this lingering cold weather, since I won't be wearing sweaters this summer!

What have you been up to lately?

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