Outdoor Adventures When It (Finally) Gets Above 60 Degrees

Truth be told, it actually got up to 70 degrees this week!! So, this post is a bit of a misnomer. But 60 degrees is the turning point for me where being outside seems enjoyable and not like some arctic punishment for needing to get out of the house.

Even though it snowed 4 days ago, we suddenly could ditch the jackets and wear short sleeves in the 72-degree sunshine. (And not just "I'm wearing short sleeves but I need to be under 2 blankets.")

We headed to a playground that we don't normally go to and enjoyed the different slides, the wide open spaces, and the sunshine! We had snacks and water, nobody was having a meltdown, and it wasn't crowded...a glorious day in the making. I laid Emma down on a blanket while Aiden ran around looking for sticks with some kids his age. As soon as he saw "Emmy girl" laying on the blanket, he ran back to us and laid right down next to her. Zero of these photos were staged--I just pulled out my camera and tried to quickly capture all the cuteness! (I did move her a few times so he didn't squish her...#littlesisterprobs)

Here are some other ideas for what to do in the first warmer days when you can venture outside...and the list isn't just for little ones!
  1. The local zoo
  2. A new-to-you playground/park (bonus points if you bring lunch & make it a picnic)
  3. Find a new trail and explore in the woods
  4. Walk through a local farmer's market
  5. Sit outside and watch the sun set
  6. Do something you'd normally do inside.........but outside. (Paint your nails, read a book, text your mom back...)

What's the weather like where you are? What are your favorite outdoor activities?

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