Easy Harvest Tablescape

I can't believe Thanksgiving is only days away! Instead of a Friendsgiving this year, my small group ladies and I had a girls night in, while the guys took all the kids and had a pizza night (4 kids under 4 is no easy feat!). I hosted us girls at my house for dinner & to try and make it more festive, I added a few things to our table.

I only used what I had on hand, which forced me to be more creative because there were such constraints. At one point, in trying to make the centerpiece, I literally had small branches with leaves spread out on the middle of the table. Devin asked why I was putting things on the table that squirrels probably peed on. (Thanks for that, Dev. 😉 )

Whether you're hosting Thanksgiving or just looking to decorate your table for the season (IT'S STILL FALL AND NOT CHRISTMAS YET....though I did just share a gift guide, oops...), here are a few suggestions:

  1. Pick a few main colors and try to stick with those. For mine, it was neutrals, green & red.
  2. Set the stage with a table runner. This could literally be a neatly folded piece of fabric. Or, you could go with a table runner.
  3. Symmetry on the table runner/strip of fabric. I went: apple, candle, apple, centerpiece, apple, candle, apple.
  4. Some type of produce. Small pumpkins, apples, etc. My girl Shardee used cut pomegranates on hers which were SO cute!
  5. Leafy anything. I used those (potentially-squirrel-peed-on) branches in a low vase.
  6. Candles or tea lights or some other accent to offset the produce.

How are you decorating this fall? Any festive ideas for what else to put on your table? 

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