6 Ways We're A Team in Marriage

**Thank you to my girl Courtney who took these family photos for us when she visited this month! Stay tuned for a post later this month with more snapshots...bloopers included...from this photo session!** 

To borrow a line from the world's best band, "we should get jerseys, because we make a good team." (Wait, did you not get that reference?! Here's the song it's from. Meanwhile, I'll try not to be disappointed that you don't love that band as much as I do 😉 )

We've been married over 5 years, which is code for "married long enough to know that 2% milk is always unacceptable and also that you can't expect even the world's funniest introvert to want to socialize in every free moment." But for real, in that amount of time we've learned a LOT (some of which, the hard way) about each other and what it takes to be not only best friends but a good team, too.

Here's 6 ways Devin and I are a team:

1. We both follow Jesus and encourage the other person to be more like him. I can't think of a bigger topic to be united on than faith.

2. We talk through everything. Our disagreements & differing perspectives, how to handle certain tricky situations, future goals, why female comedians will never be funny, etc. Everything. We let the other person make their points and we're a sounding board for the other.

3. We give each other grace. Translation: he helps fold laundry even though I've been home all day and it still didn't get done.

4. We try to make the other person look good. This means we don't speak badly about them to others (except last week at small group when I told a story that included him farting super loudly...sorry about that, Devin...)

5. We are excellent at the inside jokes. A quality part of any team is the ability to find the humor in any situation, including a newborn pooping directly on your hand while you change the 73rd diaper of the day.

6. We back each other up on the parenting front. Devin corrects Aiden on something? You better believe I'm going to enforce it, even when Devin's not around.

What do you think makes a good team, in marriage or otherwise?

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