What Hosting in a Small House Is Like

Over the past few years that the house has been "more done" (a.k.a. less COMPLETE construction zone), we've hosted a range of events: our own family birthday parties, Aiden's low-key first birthday, my college graduation party, our church small group, etc.

As we had 6 people sitting around our awkwardly-shaped living room for our Sunday night church small group, I was so thankful for gracious friends that didn't mind our weird little house. (Oh, have you never had people over in a small space before?)

What's it like, hosting events of all sizes in a little house? Let me tell you: 

1. There are chairs from all over the house gathered into your biggest room so everyone can sit together. The piano bench? The computer chair? All your dining room chairs? All in one space.
Bonus points if all your chairs match. 

2. You can join 3 separate conversations just by turning your body in a different direction. That's right, there are so many conversations going on in one space. (Who needs background music anyway?)

3. The beautiful "flow" of a house that you see Joanna Gaines giving her clients doesn't exist. Sure, the food is set out in the kitchen, but the mingling and the WALLS (some people still have those, Jo!) mean that you might be doing a hip-swerving "excuse me, so sorry" maneuver with a plate of food around a group of people chatting in your direct path back to your mismatched chair.

What I'm really trying to get at is that gathering any amount of people is worth it and still fun, even if you've got a small place. If you get creative, it'll work out, and you shouldn't put off having people over just because your space isn't Pinterest-ready or 5,000 square feet. 

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