Things I've Learned This Summer

1. Growing vegetables is pretty fun, even if they're just in pots on your front porch and so your "tomato harvest" is just one or two little tomatoes at a time. Question: why would Devin laugh at me when I call 2 tomatoes "today's harvest"? Is that not the perfectly accurate way to describe them?

2. I should have bought more of those 5 Below/Target "plant starter kit" things because my dear friend got a 75-cent cucumber plant at Target and had 20+ cucumbers this summer. She totally wins.

3. "Going to the pool with a toddler" = charging around the baby pool on the heels of your one-and-a-half-year-old who has zero fear and slips under the water at a moment's notice. (I'm a pro & make 3-5 saves a day...remember the part where I said Aiden is fearless?) & here's one of my favorite pool days 😊 

4. Being pregnant during the summer isn't any sweatier than usual. I'm just a sweaty person so like, at least I have an excuse now?

5. Backyard movie nights are the best, and I can't wait to host another one this fall (when theoretically we'll need less bug spray...).

6. Even better than backyard movie nights are just gatherings in general. I got invited to a spontaneous play date on the block when a neighbor group-texted 8 moms. I only recognized 2 numbers in the group text, but went anyway, not knowing who would be there, and it was SO FUN! There were a ton of toddlers & babies of all ages, and the 6 or 7 of us who went chatted and laughed while the kids played. It made me want to be better about just inviting friends over, whether they know each other beforehand or not!

7. I will drive anywhere if it means outdoor fun: splash park 25 minutes away, insanely elaborate playground 30+ minutes away, local arboretums, etc. I know it's hot, but if I'm going to be sweating anyway, I might as well forget sitting in AC and enjoy the outdoors. (I'm already dreading the stuck-inside feeling of winter...)

What have you learned this summer? 

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