New Favorite: The Orchardist

It's no secret that small indie bands are up there on my list of favorite things, along with nights when I don't burn dinner and fresh nail polish. I've shared about my brother's band Sunday Muse, Good Little Giants, and I Am They...and today I've got another new band for you to discover:

The Orchardist.

Their folksy style music isn't just easy to listen to (but it is that, for sure)--they've also got really creative, well-written lyrics to build your faith! I love when friends from all over tell me about local bands they're loving, which is exactly how I heard about these guys. The video doesn't do them justice, but here's a little taste. Make sure to check out their new album!

Pre-order their next album here and make sure to follow them on Instagram.

What are you listening to lately? 

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