Currently // March 2017

It's so fun to be able to look back and see what life was like a year ago in the form of these "Currently" posts, a link-up that Anne and Carrie are hosting. Lately, we've been having a really warm February (the reason I can be outside in short sleeves!) which means we've already gotten to break in Aiden's pushable trike thing, and it's still winter! It all makes me excited for spring.

Here's what I've been currently...

Watching: Parks and Rec with Devin. I watched this series straight through when Aiden was a newborn and all I did was nurse, so it's sweet to get to watch it all again with Devin this time. We just finished Man in the High Castle (an Amazon Prime original show), which was a way different type of show from Parks and Rec! Have you seen either one?

Eating: Blueberries (which I also used in this drink recipe) & strawberries. It makes me feel like it's almost spring if I eat fresh fruits, ya know?

Saying: what I'm thankful for. After a kind of crappy morning trying to wrangle a baby and a huge dog, I let all the little things get to me. And instead of staying there in that "ughh why does no one listen" (because they're a baby and a dog, duh, that's why), I shared what I am thankful for.

Wearing: More basics. I just snagged that black shirt in the photos from Target for only $2.70! I really can't keep up with what's trendy, which means I'll just be over here re-wearing my white/black striped shirt, army jacket, jeans, and solid t's. And it's not even because I'm a mom that I can't keep up with trends. So don't go there. I'm also letting my mom-cut hair grow out, so there.

Posting: these printables on the blog and also on my gallery wall!

What have you been doing currently? 

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