Listening To Lately

Hmmm, potential link-up idea? Where we all share our favorite podcasts, playlists & bands that we can't get enough of?

I am constantly on the hunt for new music to listen to, and I'm juuuust starting to listen to podcasts (ok, ok, I only listen to 1 podcast consistently. Whatever. Let's move on.) If you're like me and want something different to play on Spotify/Pandora/your discman, maybe something on this list will strike a chord with you. (Pun-lovers, unite!) Get ready for an overwhelming amount of links. 

What I've been listening to lately:

1. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. Everybody is hype on this and thank the good Lord for Rachel (from Rachel Emily Blog) who mentioned it enough in her posts and for Courtney (my real life friend & co-founder of Wild Cedar Co.) who told me about it that I finally started listening to it. It's sometimes deep, sometimes lighthearted, and every time I listen to Jamie interview an author/speaker/mom/creative person I can feel ideas and creative things bubble up inside me. 

3. Needtobreathe and their old albums like The Heat. Anyone else a fan of throwbacks that are new to you because you didn't follow that band back in 2007?

4. JOSH GARRELS and specifically this melodic masterpiece. (What? I studied to be an English teacher so alliteration and hyperbole just come naturally 😉  Along with puns, apparently. See above.)

6. Sunday Muse, my brother's band. Shameless sisterly promotion. 

What have you been listening to? Are you a podcast person? I've been trying to listen to more, but everyone's voice annoys me compared to Jamie Ivey's!! Haha. Convince me otherwise! ðŸ˜Š 

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