Girls Night In Essentials

A few weeks ago, my husband worked the night shift, leaving me feeling like that wild red dress dancing girl emoji. I took full advantage and invited friends over after our little Aiden fell asleep, and each time it was really fun and REALLY low-key. If you search Pinterest, you'll see fancy finger-food appetizers and intricate desserts. Um, what? Not for me. I want something laid back that I can enjoy while catching up with a friend!

With that in mind, here we go.

What to bring/have at a girls night in:  

1. Wine. Or if you're feeling fancy, try this strawberry peach sangria from my friend Jacqui!

2. Chocolate.

3. Chocolate fondue.

4. More wine.

5. Chips & this buffalo chicken dip. Bonus tip: keep it warm in the crock pot.

6. Sweatpants. No, not your cute workout spandex or new yoga pants or leggings. Good, old-fashioned, do-you-even-have-a-butt, baggy sweats.

7. Nail polish. Bonus tip: Dip your fingers in a bowl of ice water to smooth & seal the paint job. Also it may freeze your fingertips. So fun.

8. Depending on the number of people, group games like charades. Or Watch Your Mouth. It's hilarious and not inaprope like it sounds. Look it up.

9. Crafty things. Make some Valentines-y cards together!

10. Longtime friends, new friends or sisters! Invite lots of people, or invite one person. It'll be fun no matter what.

I asked friends on Twitter what their suggestions were, and they helped me come up with this list. Thank you to Victoria, Andrea, Ludavia, Sarah, Kristin, and Robyn!

What's your most fun girls night in idea? 

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