Eating Healthy on a Busy Day

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I'm the first to admit that $30 is best spent at Taco Bell and that it's a personal achievement to kill a family-sized bag of Doritos by yourself. Howeverrrrr......we (I) can't do that all the time or our arteries would literallyyy close themselves up for business. That's the scientific term.

When I was teaching high school, I had to pack all my food for the day before leaving at 6:40 am, which meant there wasn't a whole lot of time to make healthy(-ish) stuff. Now that I'm staying at home, I find myself working hard to make Aiden healthy food...but the last time I made myself a real lunch that wasn't cold leftovers eaten while standing over the sink? A while ago. 

Anyway. What's the key to eating healthy when you're busy working/traveling/wiping runny noses on little people who can't wipe their own nose?


Before you have a wildly hectic day, do some planning.

Here's what I do to eat (relatively) healthy on a busy day ðŸ˜‰ :

1. Meal plan. (My friend Moriah is amazing at this, and her meal prep for the week is easy to do! Check out her blog, A Recipe for Disaster!)

2. Keep healthy snacks on hand. These Special K Bites & Bars ARE A GAME CHANGER. I'm not even saying that just because I'm partnering with them. It's so real. SUPER delicious and full of protein, which almost never happens in the same thing. Plus, when you get them at Target you can use the Cartwheel app. You're welcome, friends. (Look for the blueberry-quinoa-almond bites. My new fave.)

3. Easy lunch meals. Which is sorta like meal planning. I'm going to try making more apple/cheddar/turkey wraps!

4. Stock up on more fruits/veggies. Grapes and baby carrots are the easiest thing in the world to grab & pack in a lunch.

5. Make a phone reminder, if you have to. Sometimes I get so focused on what I'm doing (wait but there's just a few more dishes to wash) that I keep putting off those healthy pre-planned meals. When my phone alarm goes off, I have to stop and actually go eat. Is that nuts? Maybe. But it works!

Tips for making sure you still can eat healthy...even on super busy days

Note my adorable shopping buddy (and here are my tips for shopping with a baby) in that one picture! He loves long trips through Target.............when proper bribery aka baby-snacks are packed ðŸ˜‰ ) For more ideas from Kellogg's (because, hello, their Bites are MY NEW FAVORITE THING, head over here

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