Rustic Candle Holder...Or Pinterest Fail?

I can't decide if I should seriously recommend this DIY or if I should start off with "THIS IS PROBABLY A FIRE HAZARD." Depending on the moment, I look at the finished product like, Oh it's cute! and other times I'm like, Check your smoke alarm batteries before lighting this.

It's a candle surrounded by kindling. You see my dilemma?

Whatever. Anyway. My friend Lauren and I wanted to try a fall craft, and this one does not get much cheaper on account of the fact twigs are free.

Also. Check that shameless product placement of the Wild Cedar Co. fall sign 😉 

What you need:
1. A variety of small sticks. Get more than you think you'll need.
2. Glue gun and at least 5 refill sticks
3. Small vase--check Dollar Tree, which is where ours were from! The shorter/shallower the better (to let the light shine through at the top)
4. Small tea light candle to put inside whatever sized vase you got

What to do: 
*My friend Lauren used a different method than I did, and hers came out perfectly so you can decide what method you like better! In the last picture, hers is on the left, mine is on the right.

1. Brush the dirt off your first twig, and break it to a height within a few inches above the vase.

2. Apply glue to the stick (not the vase!), and push it onto the vase. Make sure the bottom of the twig doesn't go past the bottom of the vase, or the vase won't sit flat.

3. Once the twig is glued on, run your glue gun down the side of the stick to really cement it on there.

4: My method Pick another stick and do steps 1-3, but make sure to glue it right up next to the first stick. This way, you'll go right around the glass, adding 1 stick at a time.

4: Lauren's method Get another twig, but this time, glue it wherever you want! Smaller twigs can fill in the gaps. :)

+Bonus tip: The more the space between the tops of the sticks, the better! The light shines out better when there are bigger gaps between the sticks at the top.

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