Currently // October 2016

Megan sent me this mug for my birthday, and it's so perfect for an early morning of blog-post writing! :)

Currently, I've been...

Cheers-ing: turning 25 and the start of fall. Since having Aiden I've become a coffee convert (but still try not to drink it every day because I never want to become immune to the wondrous effects of caffeine) and that means that since September 1 I've been getting French vanilla coffees. Jk. Pumpkin spice. 

Organizing: Baby clothes! You thought it was fun to pack up your shorts and take out your fall sweaters? False. It is infinitely more fun to pull out adorably cute baby handmedowns that your kid can finally fit in. 

Dreaming: of not a whole lot. I'm pretty content here and now :) 

Buying: corduroys and shoes for Aiden. Much like that guy from that show everyone watched, I'm like "winter is coming." You know what I'm NOT buying? Clothes for myself. My sister is studying abroad and had to leave most of her wardrobe at home, which means I NOW HAVE ALL THE THINGS. (Remember that one outfit pic on Insta from August?)

Listening: to Johnnyswim. It's a husband and wife duo whose song "Home" is the theme song for Fixer Upper (which is why I included it on my bonfire playlist!). 

Tomorrow I'll be linking up with Anne and my favorite Philly blogger Jacqui! (Remember when she co-hosted my Open Letters Link-up?)

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