Currently // July 2016

What an exciting month! Last month, I shared this new Etsy shop adventure and had the Open Letters Link-up (which is still open, so feel free to go join in!!). I'm looking forward to another month of cookouts, intensely competitive yard games, sweating, and pool days. :) Here's what else I've been up to currently...

Toasting: well, on Friday we'll be toasting to the start of our new Etsy shop! In only 2 days my Etsy shop that I started with my friend Courtney goes live. Check it out and let me know your honest opinion (but sugarcoat that honesty because it's nerve-wracking to put your work out there. Ya know?). That "take heart" sign up there will be in our shop this Friday! You can follow along on instagram @WildCedarCo.

Going: to the beach, lots and lots. Sorry for the beach photo overload. ;)

Smelling: new body spray from Victoria Secret, thanks to their semi-annual sale. It was only $5 instead of $18!

Wearing: my bathing suits. All the time. Ok, only when headed to the pool. It's too humid to not jump in some freezing, chlorinated water on a regular basis. Also, I've been wearing ripped jean shorts alot, since they are up there on the list of favorites with regular ripped jeans.

What have you been up to currently?! I want to hear all your recent adventures!

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