tips for shopping with a baby

Tips for how to make shopping with a baby easy, including saving time and money with online coupons!

i truly love groupon and actually use their coupons on a regular basis #cheapskateforlife. but yeah, this post is sponsored. 

all the normal routines are different once the baby arrives, including getting out of the house. suddenly, "going to church" and "going to the store" mean running around looking for an extra spit-up blanket because what if he ruins the first one and wait, should we get a 2nd extra diaper if we're only going to be out for an hour? having this adorable little one has made me re-think my approach to going shopping. now, i try to plan ahead instead of heading out and wingin' it. here are my suggestions:

1. check for online coupons before you go! (as opposed to frantically googling "in store old navy coupon code" on your phone at the check-out line while your baby makes it well known that he is hungry and would like to get outta there.)

2. you don't always have to go out to go shopping. devin and i subscribe to diapers on amazon, which makes them cheaper. also, lots of these groupon coupons can be used online and include free shipping, so you don't need to use the gas and the effort to go to the store! (although groupon's coupons totally do work in the stores, too. they even have a huge range of in-store coupons to choose from...macy's, peapod for groceries, you name it! the old navy ones are my favorite.) 

Tips for how to make shopping with a baby easy.

but, let's be real, sometimes you need to just get out of the house. in which case, make sure you...

3. nurse, change diaper, etc. so the little one is as pleasant as possible during the trip. (although getting sympathetic looks from everyone within earshot when your baby is screaming in line at the checkout....yeah, that's pretty fun.)

4. bring snacks in case you get hangry while you're out, and water to stay hydrated.

5. grocery shopping? maybe try babywearing. a baby-carrier-carseat thing in the shopping cart doesn't leave lots of space for groceries. if you do want to use the baby carrier, keep the grocery list on the short side.

6. if you're just shopping for one particular item, use the stroller; they steer much more easily than a shopping cart. 

how do you mamas do the grocery shopping and other errands? i want to hear your suggestions!

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