i don't read my Bible in the morning

for years, i struggled to wake up early to spend time with God. it would either be 1 of 2 scenarios: i'd set the alarm, have good intentions, and then i'd hit snooze until i'd normally have to get up anyway. OR i'd set the alarm, draaag myself out of bed, and fight grogginess as i read and re-read the same few lines until my brain could focus in on what i was reading.

not ideal.

my logic was this: i wanted to give God the first of my day (like a firstfruits offering...go read leviticus ;) ), and i wanted to start my day in his Word.

those were noble goals, but it just wasn't practical! a few months ago, i re-evaluated my plan, and i remembered my youth pastor encouraging us to spend time with God when we could really focus on him. for me, i realized, this would be the middle of the day. in the morning, i'm struggling to wake up and focus. right before bed, i'm exhausted and likely to give the passage a cursory glance.

i sometimes feel as though christians feel the need to make things more difficult for ourselves, so that we can show God, "look! this is a real sacrifice for me." as if giving up half an hour of sleep in the morning is what he really wants from us (unless maybe he is calling you to do that...?) i'm all about fasting and giving to God things that matter to us, showing him that we trust him and his plan.

but does that mean i should read my Bible when i'm least likely to remember what i've read?????

probably not.

every day for the past few months, i've sat down to read my Bible over lunch. it forces me to slow down a minute in the middle of the day and direct my focus on him. though i still start my day with prayer, i find that i really get something out of the chapter/verses that i've read when i'm wide awake. it also redirects the rest of my day. because it's only lunchtime, i still have so much of the day left to implement (and keeping thinking about) what i've read.

when should we spend time with God? when we can really focus on him, whatever time of day that may be.

lunchtime might not be practical for you. what time of day are you most awake? how can you make time for Jesus when you're at your best? 

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