the favorites of 2015 // new year's eve!

this year was huge. i started my second year of teaching, we went to washington state, we traveled to a wedding in north carolina, i tried a few recipes and lots of crafts...

and we found out some exciting news that changed our lives. (too dramatic? the baby kicking me in the ribs right now says otherwise).

here are some of my favorites, in no real logical order:

1// we announced that i'm pregnant!
2// we traveled to north carolina where i tried this updo at a wedding. 
3// i got a little defensive when i chopped off all my hair at the end of the summer. 
4// i started doing these silhouette pictures...
5// we visited washington state. 
6// lisa and i camped out and saw bands
7// these meatballs were suuuper easy to make. 
8// i opened up about why getting married at 20 wasn't that weird. 
9// i tried my hand at ombre wall art

can't wait to see what God has in store for 2016! (besides diapers and potentially not sleeping for longer than 3 hours at a time. i'll keep you updated on that.) 

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