parent(hood): coming january 2016

devin and i celebrated our three year anniversary in june, and only days earlier we had found out some exciting news!

see what i did there? we're entering "parenthood" but our last name is hood so it's like we are each labeled Parent Hood ... oh, you got it right away? i knew you were quick ;)

it's been ridiculously hard to keep this a secret and i'm so glad it's finally out in the open. i'm 12 weeks pregnant today, which means baby hood is clenching his (her?) fists, squeezing his (her?!) eyes shut, and his (her?!?!?!) kidneys have started producing pee! a small creature is peeing inside me! isn't that beautiful?!

jk. it's gross. also, don't look up pictures of what babies look like before 12 weeks, unless you are trying to get ideas for an alien comic strip you're illustrating. 

but back to the fact that we're having a baby. WE ARE SO EXCITED!

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