spring-ish in rittenhouse square

can spring-ish be a real season? it's not really winter, but it's not warm enough to wear a skirt with no tights....

my best friend and i (she's been the long-term sub at the same school i teach at! so exciting! have i mentioned it's exciting!) ran out for some quick qdoba after school one day in our precious 45 minutes before parent-teacher conferences started, and we decided to take our food to rittenhouse square. (remember when it was spring 2012 and i still lived at home? and devin and i were still working on our house before we got married in june and moved in...and now i'm old and employed and married!)

it was so beautiful and sunny that i decided to swing by again on my walk to the train and capture a few more pictures.  the old cobblestones and bricks, the lanterns, tall old trees, the tall buildings surrounding, and the interesting people. i love it all. 


what's spring look like in your area? 

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