DIY {ombre} canvas art

as my christmas break comes to a close, my friend christie and i decided to get our craft on make some canvas art. as devin and i fix up our house, our now-finished walls are looking pretty bare!

what you need:
blank canvas (we got ours on sale for $5)
paint brushes
paint--at least 2 colors for ombre

what to do:
paint the canvas with your main color. we both used the gray paint in the behr sample jar that i had laying around since when i was choosing paint colors for my kitchen!

then, swirl a bit of your secondary color into that mix. you can see the purple and gray mix that my friend used in the first picture. it's not an exact science. just add some of the new color, and add it to your painted canvas. 

but that's boring, right? so spice it up! once the canvas dried (use a hair-dryer if you're impatient like me), i stole this pinterest idea and used a toilet paper tube for detail. (christie decided to leave the ombre as a background and put scripture in the corner!) using only my secondary color, i stamped circles onto my canvas. 

here's the final results! notice the hand lettering on christie's canvas? it's isaiah 43:1. go check it out! the whole chapter is incredible. 


  1. Love this! It's so simple to do! I just might have to do this to spruce up our walls :)

  2. Thanks! It was a lucky Pinterest find...miraculously gone right!

  3. Thanks--make sure to check for coupons/sales before buying the canvas. With my teacher discount & a coupon, my friend and I got all our supplies for $7!

  4. Simply beautiful! We love doing projects and it always seems right after the holidays when we start putting our decor away that instead of putting everything back just so, we re arrange EVERYTHING and add new flair- feeling inspired by what you did- genius with the TP roll, we once used pan lids, but this is way sweet and then you can trash it afterward, smart!

  5. What a great idea! And so easy to do. Love it! :-)

  6. Thanks, Ana! I'm all about the low-effort crafts :)

  7. These are so cute! I love the ombre effect and especially the one with the blue circles. This is so creative :) I can never get enough of wall art ideas!

  8. Thanks! And same, I'm always trying to figure out some new wall art!