relient k in philly + secret parking tips for TLA

my favorite band since.....2003?.....came to philly, so i met up with my friends since 5th grade and my sister and went to a wild concert on a tuesday night. remember when i blogged about their mhmm 10th anniversary tour?

they played through their whole album, and matt thiessen seamlessly transitioned from the mellow let it all out to the wild who i am hates who i've been. he also was able to quickly hand off his guitar and pick up the piano riffs he wrote 10 years ago when he wrote the songs for the album.

as if playing through a 14-song album wasn't impressive enough, their encore was 8 songs long!

and now, the secret to parking in south philly, near TLA (where the concert was): 3rd and lombard. it's residential parking, with no meters! the only thing is that it's a 2 or 3 hour limit depending on the weeknight. since i went on a tuesday, it was 2 hour parking until 6 pm. aka, after 6, you can park there as long as you want. F O R. F R E E.


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