marriage // part 1

a few weeks ago, devin and i had one of his friends over, after a really great night of talking and eating chocolate chip cookies on our porch, the conversation got more serious. his friend, who is in a serious relationship that will probably end in marriage, asked us both these questions...

what is the best part of marriage?
what surprised you the most?
what has been the hardest part of marriage?

some of our answers to the questions were different, and it was really interesting to see what we each thought was the hardest part of marriage was (and surprisingly, devin didn't say my knack for farting in enclosed spaces was the hardest part of marriage). i thought i'd answer those questions here, and i'd love to hear how you'd answer the questions too! so, the first question.

the best part of marriage:

for me, that was an easy question. sleepovers every night with your best friend! devin and i dated throughout high school and my two years at gordon college (up in massachusetts), and it was soooo difficult to say goodbye to each other after every short vacation home! he would come up to visit me on weekends, and our time together would fly by so that suddenly it was sunday evening and i'd be crying at the gate of the D terminal at the logan airport, because i didn't want him to go. (so dramatic!) when i was back home in PA before the wedding, it was excruciating to pull away each night and drive home, by myself. without him.

the obvious answer to this question is sex, right? sex is one of the best parts of marriage, i know. but getting to spend every day together and go on adventures together and never have to say goodbye is really my favorite part. i get to snuggle up to him each night and wake up drooling on a pillow right next to him every morning. (drooling isn't even the gross part. morning breath is. he could probably do without my dragon breath whispering "i love you" in the morning before we get outta bed.)

for me, getting to spend so much time with the person who makes me laugh the hardest, gets my jokes, uses weird voices to imitate what our dog is thinking, and hugs me the tightest is my favorite part of marriage.

for all you married folks out there, what's yours?


  1. my favorite thing about marriage is the sleepovers everynight too! :) it is just fun! and also that we make the rules & can do whatever we want! and go on weekend trips and adventure together! just laughing & having fun together!!

  2. Haha yes! Making our own rules is definitely another fave too. I was never allowed to have a tv in my room growing up, but now we have one mounted on our bedroom wall haha