whew, the four days of camping out at the creation music festival is over, and lisa and i returned, safe and sound. minus the poison ivy on our feet and the sunburn on our backs. but it was worth it! (right, lisa?) it rained  monsooned wednesday night, and of course we had been tricked by the previously blue skies and fluffy clouds and we left our ponchos and umbrellas back at the campsite...but the rain eventually let up, leaving the ground a saturated minefield of mud pits. dancing around and singing at the top of our lungs to family force five and {hillsong} young and free made up for it though.

here are some highlights from our trip:

our campsite, which was an uphill walk from the main stage

fried oreos

 hillsong young and free interviewed

the rainbow after the storm

chris tomlin threw out enormous balloons during his encore

it was 80-something degrees/98% humidity the whole time, which meant we were in a constant state of being sweaty. suuuper gross. (also can you picture a mosh pit full of sweaty, unshowered teens? it smelled like a butt. and that's putting it nicely.) these freeze pops were out attempt to cool off despite the rising temps. 

each night there was a dance party/rave from 12-2. 'nough said. 

a random boy gave my sister a rose, and this is her still laughing about it as we walked away. 

and here is jon foreman, the incredibly deep songwriter for switchfoot (which you may have seen on my instagram). i have no idea how old he is, but he acts like he's still 20-something (but he's gotta be at least 40....?)

we took almost 200 pictures, but these are some of the best. we also got pictures of the candle-lit service, fireworks, and a whole lot of selfies, but maybe i'll post those later. 

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