3 hrs to graduation!

graduation day is finally here! after 4 years of english and education classes, i'm more than ready to be done and {hopefully!!!!} get hired as a teacher.

in spite of my extreme excitement to graduate, i'm pretty bitter about the weather. if today were forecasted to be sunny {or just not torrential rain/flooding}, then the graduation would be held outside and seating is unlimited--so i'd be all "hey everybody I know! want to come to a graduation??" instead, i have 3 measly tickets for the chosen few who get to sit on cramped bleachers in a stuffy gym...so my mom, dad, and devin should feel pretty special that they were selected ;) 

the even more frustrating part about graduating inside is that i helped set up the hundreds of precisely lined chairs outside! {me and all the other facilities management workers at Arcadia spent hooooouuuurrrssss using tape measures and string to create symmetrical, straight rows of chairs in each seating section. and while we had the outdoor setup all ready, the indoor gymnasium option was also being prepared just in case!}

{the overall setup}

{the view from the stage}

but oh well. i really shouldn't complain about something so trivial {this week most of my prayers for the weather were really whiny....sorry, God}. 

i can't wait to walk across that stage, shake the dean's hand firmly {like my friend's father who was in the marines taught me}, accept an empty envelope that is pretending to be my diploma, and smile up at my parents and husband who i'll hopefully be able to find in the sea of people in the stands....

i'm so excited. 

{and i can't wait to share with you the creative way devin gave me a thoughtful graduation gift last night!} 

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