an upcoming conundrum

i created this blog in my freshman year of college, when my best friend megan made one. i'm an unoriginal copycat, you're right. but because of the time in my life when i started this blog, i called it "the college years," and i don't even remember exactly why i made my url-thing "yourstrulyjuliee" except for the fact that that's how i sign my emails "yours truly / julie" because it rhymes....but i had to add an extra e when the regular "yours truly julie" link was already in use...

so anyway. i'm 4 weeks away from graduating what should i call the blog then? and is the random "yourstrulyjuliee" even worth keeping, or should i start over in a fresh space? 

feel free to join my pathetic brainstorm to attemptedly be original in creating a blog title/new blog. :)

some of my current favorite blogs that inspire and challenge me: 

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