all that i am for all that you are

worship songs about surrender always get me. my breath catches in my throat, and suddenly it's hard to sing along. i think this comes from perpetually being in a place where it's hard to give something up and let God do his thing. 

in senior high sunday school yesterday (because devin and i are the senior high teachers, yay!), we talked about the story of the rich guy and Jesus in mark 10. we looked at how he claimed he had followed all the commandments since he was a kid, but when Jesus asked him to give up {all} the stuff he has--and he was rich, remember?--he turns away, sad. so, we took some time and wrote down things that are holding us back from following Christ fully. of the things that were shared, a lot of them i could really relate to. fear of others' opinions, laziness, things that take up our attention (like video games, although that one wasn't mine, haha)...and it's hard to let go of that kind of stuff so that we can really be wholehearted followers, because then we might be called extreme or crazy or we might isolate ourselves from our friends who don't agree.

but after talking about some of the stuff that holds us back, we prayed about it. 

and if you've ever worked with youth, you probably know the awkward silence that is suspended in the air during "group prayer" because for some reason, no one wants to talk to God in front of their friends. but not this time! these youth asked God for strength and told him their struggles. and my heart was so encouraged. 

here's my current favorite surrender song:
{all that i am by rend collective}

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