new plan

why is it so hard to keep up with something you like doing? i've played the piano since 1st grade, but i've only played like 10 times in the past 6 months! and i love journaling, but recently i've been averaging 2 entries  a month...which is laaame. how am i supposed to document these college years (ha, usage of blog title) and especially the first year of marriage if i don't journal, and if i don't blog?

new plan: blog at least once a week (which is totally feasible, because nothing blog-worthy happens during the week so that leaves the weeeekendddd!)


prepare yourself for a weekly inundation with the random details of life as a student and a wife.

us, last winter, before we were married, having a bonfire in our house's back yard....
not much has changed: we still have winter bonfires in the back yard :)

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