life with a puppy

up until this point in my life, i have hated animals. don't think that i'm coldhearted (the usual assumption) because, when i admit this to people, they bring up their dog/cat and go all "wait so you hate my precious little fluffy?" and i have to sheepishly say nooo, your furball is the exception...but animals--tamed or not--are disease-ridden, dirty, uncontrollable, and expensive. i resolutely believed this...

...until jake. 

devin loves dogs, and i think he only agreed to get married on the concession that one day, we could get a dog. since we got married in june, i've been thinking about it and with absolutely no pressure from him, 2 weeks ago i told him getting a dog might be..........[drumroll]

who AM i?! the julie i know would have never acquiesced to letting some mangy mutt infiltrate her home!

we looked at german shepherds online for a few days, called a farm out near lancaster, and on 
wednesday, october 24, jake became part of our family!
and you know what? i absolutely love him! he has disproportional paws, a habit of chewing on things, a fear of other dogs, a pitiful whimper when he hiccups, and a love for me and devin (you can tell from the picture, right? he loves to be held...).

i swear we house-broke him after only 2 indoor accidents, but that has more to do with the fact german shepherds are so smart and that i can run home between classes and walk him. this happy family of two just became a family of 3, and i didn't even have to get preggers. 

can you believe i ever wrote this?! used to be a haterrr

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