end of semester thoughts

i'm almost finished my second semester in my second year of college...6 more class periods, 2 more projects, 2 papers, 2 finals...i'm almost finished. 

you know the last 5 days before christmas, how each day seems to drag on and on and onnn and onnnnnnnnnnnn? 

that's how i feel right now. in 14 days, my summer will have arrived. but since we're speaking (typing?) of countdowns, i'm getting married in 40 days! 

and the work on the house? it's coming along slowly. 
i'll post pictures of my bridal shower soon, so look out! this blog won't always be the host of my end-of-semester whining thoughts. 

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  1. Julie ! I am so happy for you guys. It seems like just yesterday that we were in high school playing charades in the parking lot haha. I hope that one day me and nick will be as happy as you and devin :)

    <3 amber