weekend trip to "western" PA

my brother lead the children's church prayer time yesterday, and he highlighted a simple yet profound truth when he started off with asking the kids this question:
is there anything that's hard in your life? 
he went on to point out that God helps us with the hard things, and that we could pray about them together. 

right now in my life, amidst the joy of preparing for marriage, something that's challenged me is being away from my friends while i continue with college at Arcadia. i miss my new england friends, and the ones who i don't get to see that often.

however! (and isn't this sad post about to take a turn for the best) i did get to visit my longtime best friend, christie, at her college this past weekend!!! we ate at her awesome dining hall (no joke, it's not a-la-carte and the food was great), made late-night runs to sheetz, watched wedding shows, played words-with-friends (mostly because i'm hooked and poor christie was forced to), played dutch blitz, went shopping, and rocked a messiah dance (which was black-light, hence the neon...)

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