am i still an athlete if field hockey is over?

 today, the team turns in their jerseys, shin guards, pinnies...except when i turn mine in, i'll never get them back. 

next fall, when the team runs a pre-game lap to a pumped up version of amazing grace, i'll probably be baking something as a married housewife. this afternoon, i tenderly folded my white and navy, home and away uniforms, gathered 5.5 pairs of fh socks (sorry, cory), and stuffed my shin guards in the mesh bag i got them in. saaaad day. 

last week, we lost 2-0 to endicott in playoffs (bright side, we made it that far), and instead of capturing the last time i'll ever where the jersey on camera at the field, i decided iphoto-ing it up in megan's room would be a better idea (also because we all forgot cameras...but in our defense, what intense athlete is thinking about photo documentation when she packs up her muddy cleats before an playoff game?)
as kelly would say, we got field hockey swaggg

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