summer adventures 2011

my entitlement of this long-procrastinated post is probably my memory's error in attempting to recall 
martin luther king, jr.'s
 last line in a famous speech, but nonetheless it aptly described how i feel, 
coming off of a 12-day 
backpacking trip through the 
of new york.

summer has finally begun, which was promptly recognized with philadelphia's thermometers climbing to a record-threatening high of 101 degrees today,
not that i minded, 
since i got to go swimming with my best friends
christie and trevor.

(another reason i can tell summer has officially begun: i got a sunburn today from shoddy sunscreen application that left my back with distinct fingerprint marks on the places i thought i reached and evidently, by the pattern of red skin on my back, i did not thoroughly coat in SPF 50 sunscreen.)

my backpacking trip, you ask? 
it was the hardest thing i did...and potentially, 
the hardest thing i will ever do. 
the peaks were intense, 
the trails muddy, 
the handholds few (and far between),
the food was filling (or my stomach shrunk), 
my boots weren't always dry, 
my journal was filled with prayers to God, deep thoughts, and vivid descriptions of each day's activities. 
i wrote about 40-50 pages on this little excursion called
La Vida.
one of the views from White Face Mountain

 Mountain Patrol 2 (i'm 3'rd from the left)

reunited after separate trips...she beat me in the bug bites department, by like 100...

oh, the left boot is darker? yeah. it fell in the river. 

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