cheap & easy firepits

01 October 2015

we've gone through quite a few firepits--from the trashpicked and mostly rusted boxy ones, to a gifted one, to a handmade stone cylindrical one...

but this one is by far our best. although it's not like i can take any of the credit, since devin made it! my sister-in-law also has a customized (read: diy) firepit that's perfect for piling on big logs that no one wants to chop up. devin and i recently hosted our bible study's end of summer bbq/bonfire, and it was so nice to sit around a blaze that keeps the bugs away! last weekend, we went over the sister-in-law's and sat around for hours talking to her and her husband...teaching jobs, bathroom renovations, baby there something about a fire that makes conversation easy, more magical?  (also, both our dogs love hanging out outside, so they made an appearance :)  ).

what to do:
option 1 is to dig a hole and surround it with rocks.
option 2, make a cinderblock square as big as you'd like.

it's that easy.

feel free to invite yourself over for some cider and a bonfire and good conversation.
this is my favorite part of fall. what's yours? 

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