5 perks to being pregnant

31 October 2015
before getting pregnant, i heard about all the negative things that happen to you when you get pregnant (which i'm not going to even start to list here because, um hello? that's depressing.) instead, i want to focus on the positive. whether you were/are a naysayer who thinks pregnancy is the worst, stick around for a few happy side effects of pregnancy. :)

1// weight gain doesn't really matter. i was discussing this with another pregnant lady recently, and she was somewhat concerned that her small frame was gaining weight kinda quickly. me? i'm like, pack on the pooooounds! because as the baby keeps growing, i want my body to be able to support the little life inside me. (although i am trying to eat nourishing foods and walk a decent amount each day.)

2// you can get away with silly halloween costumes like this:

(since "soy" means "i am" in spanish.........get it? soy bean? last year i was soy milk at school.)

3// you can get your husband to take and re-take bump pictures for you when your hair sticks out at weird angles, and do i have a double chin in that one?, and your flamingo arm looks distorted. 
4// random strangers on your walk home may remark, "WOW! you're ready to GO!!" (when this happened, i had no idea what the guy was talking about until he pointed to my stomach, and then i was like...haha, oh. thanks? and in my head, "i still have 13 more weeks.....") also kind elderly neighbors may ask your husband if you've already had the baby. DO I REALLY LOOK THAT BIG, PEOPLE?!

5// feeling the little one kick inside you. it's so magical. it happens to me during class, while i grade papers, early in the morning, etc. every night when i get home the name of the game is "drink cold water/eat lots of food to make the baby kick so devin can a) feel his movements or b) SEE my stomach move." because yes, dear friends, baby hood is so large and in charge that you can see my whole stomach move when he shifts positions. it's awesome. 

any other perks to being pregnant? (or you could start listing the extremely long list of perks to NOT being pregnant...like how you can probably sleep through the night without getting up to pee....)

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