new favorite: good little giants

16 July 2015
while at creation, lisa and i got to hear a few new bands, and of those new bands, some of them did acoustic sets! for all you folksy-loving people out there who like vocal harmony and a banjo/upright bass, you have to check out good little giants (here's their facebook and instagram). they're based out of western PA, but they've been playing shows all over the u.s. and i'm crossing my fingers they come to philly!

they played a few songs here at the acoustic "stage," afterwards, the three little kids wearing good little giants t-shirts who were sitting in the front each gave high fives to the lead singer, and then the oldest one was like, "great job, dad!". my heart melted.

their cd called it's an ocean is so soothing, and if i could get my stupid iphone to sync with my stupid itunes, i'd play it nonstop. especially while cooking. (birdsong is my favorite, glad you asked. listen below!)

 they kind of remind me of the vespers (remember when i met them?!), without so many female vocals.

what are some of your current favorites to listen to? 

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