in jen hatmaker's for the love (which i talk about here), she has "thank you note" sections where she writes funny notes (like the one to her overly honest toddler, thanking the child for pointing out mom's "saggy old skin" aloud in the grocery store check-out line.)

this inspired me to write these open letters, which i thought we could turn into a fun monthly link-up. write a note to your high school self, a letter to your kids, or something more ridiculous (like my letter to the employees at the grocery store who restock all those discount donuts that i can't say no to!)

grab the button and join in each month.
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*the link-up will go live the last thursday of every month.  

i'm looking for people to co-host each month, so email me (ahopefulhood [at] if you're interesting in co-hosting one month!