Slipcover Sofa Perks

19 January 2018

2 hand-me-down couches later, here we are with a brand new couch. It isn't 30+ years old and hasn't had a fluffy German Shepherd sleep on it (which he's never been allowed to do! But he's a rebel!). Here's the first old couch and the second. On Christmas Eve hours before my family came over, Devin and I randomly were like, "Let's get a new couch.....ok, why not?!" We'd been saving up for other house projects but on a whim, decided to splurge on a new couch that isn't like 32 years old!

Why we went with this Ikea slipcover couch:

DIY Succulent Garden

16 January 2018

Things that make me feel SUPER accomplished: tricking a toddler into eating a vegetable, doing a 20-minute post-partum "workout," and keeping plants alive. I have a whole bunch of succulents, but not because I buy one every time I'm at Home Depot (and believe me, I want to!!!). I have only bought three $4 succulents (so for those of you keeping track, that's $12) and here I am with more succulents than I know what to do with.

How do I get my little plants to keep growing? It's so easy: I keep cutting off new sprigs, the tops, or even a random leaf and sticking it in dirt. Dirt that I got from my front yard. Not even fancy, succulent-ready organic composite dirt. Nope, nope, nope. Stick anything you cut off of a succulent into front-yard dirt and it will grow roots. If for some reason it doesn't (your STUPID DOG knocks the planter off the windowsill, you forget to water it for 5 weeks, you left it in a dark corner with no sunlight, etc.), you just try it again.

Things Aiden Says // Vol. 1

10 January 2018

Aiden learning to talk has been SO FUN (except for when I stub my toe and forget he isn't around. Then I'm not super into how quick he is to repeat things!). So quickly he went from the 18-month-old who only said "mama" to the almost-two-year-old who says "Jakey [our dog Jake] touch Aiden snack"

Wild Cedar Co. 2018 Goals

05 January 2018
I admitted in my last post that I'm not setting any official goals (yet?) for myself, but that laid back approach won't work for our Etsy shop. Courtney & I spent over an hour on the phone working out our plan for 2018 (I'm still sad she lives in West Virginia now and we aren't having "business meetings" in my living room while Aiden pulls out every toy he owns!), so here I am to share some of our goals with you. 

Not sure what Wild Cedar Co. is about? Check out the meaning behind the shop name and how we got started (and try not to laugh at our old branding and designs!). 

2 0 1 8   G O A L S: 

  1. Effectively re-divide the workload: I'm now doing shop and finance management, customer communications, in-stock signs, and social media. Courtney's in charge of branding, design, shipping and production! Let me know if you have easy job titles that we could borrow 😉 
  2. Try offering hand-lettered paper products. This could be wedding invitation envelopes, watercolor nursery signs, etc. 
  3. Focus in on mugs, paper, and wood. We will have other items still listed (like these tea towels!) but we want to expand those types of listings.
  4. Streamline the custom order process. The majority of our sales comes from custom orders, which we need to simplify! We just created this super easy custom order form, and we're going to work towards "custom order sessions" where we have a certain number of custom order listings in the shop. This is to help us from filling custom orders one at a time throughout the year...but in the meantime, if you have an idea for what you'd want on a sign, let us know! We're still taking custom order as they come....for now 😉 

What are you goals for 2018? Follow us on Instagram for all the behind the scenes + updates!