christmas is in the aaaaaair

tomorrow is diciembre 1 (that's spanish for december 1), but i've already got christmas on my mind! i got back from thanksgiving break on sunday night, and that's when the starting gun went off, signaling the sprint to the finish of the semester. suddenly, 2 papers, 2 projects, 2 exams and a presentation stand in my way of finishing the semester. cah-raaaaazy, am i right? 

in the spare few minutes between finishing one assignment and starting another, i've starting dreaming of  ...
1) what christmas traditions devin and i can start when we're marrieddddd
 2) what tell moriah for what i want for christmas (well that was a grammatical nightmare)
3) winter ball 
because it was so dang fun last year, yeeeeeah  meggers
4) when the weather will start acting wintry (winter-y?)
5) making chocolate-covered pretzels with my mom and sister

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